My recently published articles are four commentaries about state and local education leaders in New Jersey, all published by the Times of Trenton:

Trenton’s Foundation Academy Charter School shows potential for success

Trenton’s education leaders have the knowledge to fix city’s schools

New Trenton schools superintendent is off to a strong start

N.J. education commissioner should remember his mission to help public schools

And a review of a widely noted book about education in Finland for Teachers College Press. Finnish Lessons

While teaching at the Chicago City Colleges, I wrote a brief piece for the Sun-Times about Arne Duncan, who had just been nominated as U.S. secretary of educations Duncan is politically astute; knows urban schools and an article for the Encyclopedia of Curriculum Grammar of Schooling.

I also wrote articles on bullying for the Illinois School Boards Association, on civic education for the National Parent-Teachers Association, and on school issues for the Roundtable and the League of Women Voters in Evanston, IL. Earlier, while I managing field placements for teacher candidates at Roosevelt University,  I wrote a commentary titled The Field Placement Dilemma for Education Week.

As a doctoral student (1999-2005), I wrote several papers about the ideas that have driven the development of schooling in the United States; I soon focused on the Progressive Era in Chicago – the years of John Dewey and his colleague Ella Flagg Young, the prescient teacher who served as superintendent of the Chicago Public Schools from 1909 to 1915. She was also the subject of my dissertation: “Ella Flagg Young’s Intellectual Legacy: Theory and Practice in Chicago’s Schools, 1862-1917″. It’s available through Proquest (ID 3174179).

Chicago Trivia and Fact BookBefore returning to academe, I wrote about education, design, and technology for national and local publications, had a newspaper column about life (social and political) in and around Chicago’s Loop, and then wrote about books and authors for Publishers Weekly. That led to being founding editor of the lively (and prize-winning, though alas short-lived), Chicago Books in Review. Affection for the city led to producing several books about Chicago, along with a host of other topics.

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