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Connie Goddard, Ph.D.
Writer / teacher / historian
Projects in Support of Public Education
Trenton, New Jersey

Schooling in New Jersey is one of my Projects in Support of Public Education. Another is volunteering with Save Our Schools New Jersey and teaching as a adjunct at Mercer County Community College – adjuncts there and elsewhere handle most of the remedial courses. We are, thus, a minimally compensated, but experienced and dedicated, backstop for the shortcomings of K-12 schools. We are paid only for hours in the classroom, which all teachers know is only a portion of the number of hours required.

Ongoing and anticipated projects include:

  • Continuing to write articles about educational issues in New Jersey.
  • Articles and a book about Ella Flagg Young (1845-1918), renowned educational stateswoman of Chicago.
  • Developing workshops on what Young can teach us today – the challenges facing teachers today differ little from those of a century ago, when teachers were compelled to organize unions to defend themselves — and their students – from external forces who failed to appreciate the complexity of effective interactions in the classroom.
  • Finishing a book tentatively titled “How We Got Here,” which tells the story of American public education by following my ancestors from Puritan Boston in the 1630s across the country. Like millions of other pioneers and immigrants, they carried with them the great ideal of equal educational opportunities for all, established and maintained by the communities they served.

3 thoughts on “Contacting me

  1. Linda Pincham

    Wonderfully rich material here, Connie! I plan to use your School Board writings for discussion in my SEED 401 course. Keep up the great work!

    1. godd4786 Post author

      Thanks, Kathy, for your kind comment — and now that I hsve this up, I have to figure out how to do things like have people follow it. Ah, technology! Hope you are well — cg


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